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LyteBox for SharePoint
by Randy Drisgill (
LyteBox created by Markus F. Hay

Project Description
Easy to use LyteBox based javascript photo gallery. Pulls in all the photos automatically from a picture library. Works in MOSS and WSS even in hosted environments. Uses 2 library templates, a content editor web part, and data view web part with XSLT. No DLL's to install.

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  • Easy to use implementation of the open source LyteBox Javascript Photo Gallery (
  • Photos are automatically pulled in from a picture gallery, no need to manually list them all
  • Works in MOSS 2007 and WSS V3
  • Requires no web.config changes and no safe code additions, perfect for hosted environments
  • Utilizes a document library for the Javascript code, a picture library for the photos, a content editor web part for calling the Javascript, and a data view web part with custom XSLT for showing all the photos
  • The document library and picture library are easily created from preconfigured list templates. The web parts are already created as well for simple loading into your SharePoint site
  • Can be configured in 7 easy steps in less than a few minutes

All of the photos from the picture library show, they are sorted by the filename:

When a photo is clicked it appears larger over the page and a slideshow begins. The Title of the photo shows in under it:

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